La Maddalena is the largest of the islands forming the archipelago of the same name off the coast of Gallura.

The high content of granite and porphyry determined the rugged nature of the island’s shores, which are often difficult to get close to. However, it is precisely in these complex outlines that a large part of its beauty lies: curves and coves that offer breathtaking panoramas. The interior of the island is characterized by a soft hilly terrain, the highest point of which is the Guardia Vecchia hill (146 m).

La Maddalena enchants its guests with its stunning natural beauty and picturesque town. Here you can wander through the narrow cobbled streets, among the houses of the XVIII century, or walk through the historic center, which is decorated with the parish church of Santa Maria Maddalena. You can also visit the tourist port of Cala Gavetta, located in the west; nearby there is a granite column with the image of Giuseppe Garibaldi, made in the early XX century.

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