On the northern shore of the Gulf of Naples, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in a picturesque location, the most important city in southern Italy and the third largest city in the country – Naples-is comfortably located.

It is a significant seaport with shipyards and the center of the developing steel, oil and porcelain industries.

Naples combines prosperity and poverty, rapid development and the traditional spirit of the country. Naples is the most controversial city in Italy, it is either loved or hated.

Life in Naples is more noisy, intense, bright and simple than in other cities.

Naples is an extraordinary, lively and vibrant city, each block in it is a separate village, each street is a set for a street show, and everything around it seems to be sketches for an opera that has not yet been composed.

It is said that even Italians from the north come here to feel the spirit of the authentic, former Italy.

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