The island of Ponza in Italy is an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Pontic Archipelago.

It has long been a favorite vacation spot of the wealthy Romans, and to this day the locals like to spend their leisure time here. Ponza Island is also popular with divers, fans of a measured beach holiday and connoisseurs of ancient architecture.

It is believed that the name Ponza was given in honor of Pontius Pilate himself, whose family owned part of the island’s land. However, there are other versions: for example, the Latin word “pontia”, which means the Land of Bridges. Indeed, on the island of Ponza, you can find many natural bridges and arches of natural origin.

Originally, the Etruscans lived in these parts. In the Middle Ages, the island was abandoned: the exhausting raids of pirates forced the locals to leave their homeland. Life returned to Ponza only in the XVIII century, when the Kingdom of Naples colonized the island.

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