The island of Elba is the largest of the Toscana islands and embodies the charm and uniqueness of this land, rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

In memory of the presence on the island of the French Emperor Napoleon, who was here in exile, the Napoleonic Museums (Musei napoleonici) are arranged in the Villa dei Mulini (Villa dei Mulini), located in the historical center of the city, and in the Villa San Martino (Villa San Martino) in the nearest suburb.

Porto Azzurro is located on the coast of the closed bay of the Gulf of Mola (Golfo di Mola). The town is rich in monuments and is one of the most famous places on the island.

The history of this town is marked by the domination of the Spaniards in the XVII century, who founded a settlement here.

The most impressive and impressive evidence of Spanish rule remains the Fort of San Giacomo (Forte San Giacomo), which still towers over modern buildings.

However, in Porto Azzurro, you will remember many other things: a quiet bay, a square surrounded by shops and restaurants, a view of the same Fort. Within its walls is the wonderful Baroque Church of St. James the Apostle (Chiesa di San Giacomo Apostolo).

Three kilometers from the historical center is the church of the Holy Virgin of Montserrat (Santuario della Madonna del Monserrato), where the image of the “Black Madonna”is kept. From the square in front of the temple, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the beach of Barbarossa (spiaggia di Barbarossa), considered a real paradise for divers.

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