Porto-Vecchio is a small town in the south-west of Corsica with a population of just over 10 thousand people. It was founded in the middle of the XVI century. as a port with a favorable location-in a closed bay, visible from the hills and rocks.

Today, Porto Vecchio continues to be an important “sea gate” of Corsica, and is also a popular resort: here are luxurious beaches with fine sand, pine scents and the purest water, as well as delicious food made from fresh, eco-friendly products and a relaxed atmosphere of the southern sunny city.

Porto-Vecchio consists of two parts: The Old town on a high hill above the bay and the New One lying down by the coast.

All the most remarkable in terms of cultural heritage – in the historical part, in the walls of the medieval Genoese fortress, from which the city once grew. You can get around it in about an hour. The ancient Genoese Gate, the only one of the surviving fortress gates, leads inside the fortress. In addition, two bastions have been preserved – the French Bastion and the St. Anthony bastion, between which the picturesque street Rue U Borgo with buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries stretches along the walls. The heart of the city is the Republic Square, where the granite Cathedral of St. Nicholas rises. St. John the Baptist, built in the XIX century. on the foundation of an older church. Nearby is the chapel of the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross, dating from the XVI century. The center of attraction in the New part of the city is a beautiful embankment, from which you can admire the view of the citadel rising on the hill.

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