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Embark on an unforgettable voyage aboard the LARGO, a remarkable 20-meter (65’7″) yacht crafted to perfection by the renowned Italian shipyard, Riva. As a testament to Italian craftsmanship and engineering, LARGO is not just a yacht, but a symbol of elegance, luxury, and exhilaration on the tranquil sea waters.

Unmatched Accommodation

LARGO, meticulously designed in 2017, unveils a world of luxurious serenity with its cozy accommodation. The yacht boasts two tastefully appointed cabins that can graciously host up to four guests, ensuring an intimate yet spacious retreat on the waves.

Alfresco Living and Sun-soaked Relaxation

Feel the gentle caress of the sun while lounging on the sumptuous sun pads, or enjoy the crisp sea breeze as you unwind in the splendid alfresco living spaces. LARGO’s convenient swim platform invites you for refreshing dives into the cerulean waters, making every moment aboard a delightful escapade.

Seamless Connectivity and Ultimate Comfort

Stay connected to the digital world, if you wish, with LARGO’s onboard Wi-Fi connectivity. The yacht’s sophisticated air conditioning system ensures a comfortable ambiance, letting you indulge in utmost relaxation as you traverse the mesmerizing seascape.

Power, Efficiency, and Seamless Cruising

LARGO’s construction with a sturdy GRP hull and superstructure, coupled with a planing hull design, promises a blend of remarkable speed and stellar efficiency. Cruise gracefully at a comfortable speed of 15 knots or feel the thrill as LARGO sweeps across the waves at a maximum speed of 40 knots. With a shallow draft of 1.5m (4’11”), LARGO permits anchoring closer to the picturesque coves and sheltered bays, letting you explore the hidden gems of the marine world.

Aqua Adventure Awaits

LARGO is a haven for water enthusiasts with a curated selection of water toys and accessories. The highlight being the F5 SEABOB, a majestic ride that lets you skim the surface or dive into the undersea realm, dancing along with the marine life.

Charter the LARGO

Largo Yacht, along with her adept crew, is open for charter, ready to unveil the enticing sea routes. Accepting bookings for the summer and winter, LARGO stands in prime condition to host your next holiday, creating not just memories, but an anthology of mesmerizing maritime experiences.

LARGO isn’t just a yacht; it’s an odyssey of luxury and adventure waiting to be discovered. Each nautical mile aboard LARGO is a celebration of life’s finest moments, encapsulated in waves of joy and tranquility.