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Introducing the illustrious Lagoon SEVENTY 8 ‘SÁSTA’, a contemporary marvel that made its debut in the realm of luxury motor yachts in 2022. This powercat exudes a timeless charm with an elegant form, setting new standards for opulence and relaxation on the high seas.

Deriving its name from the old Irish term for ‘satisfied’, SÁSTA truly lives up to its promise, addressing every wish and whim of its guests. Boasting expansive and inviting living spaces, it seamlessly marries the indoors with the outdoors, providing a free-flowing ambience. The yacht’s luxurious cabins are masterfully designed, ensuring that each moment aboard is filled with pleasure and entertainment.

As the sun dips below the horizon, SÁSTA’s champagne-tinted hull glimmers, making her a stunning spectacle that harmoniously complements the beauty of the surrounding seascape.

Ready to serve with enthusiasm and genuine warmth, SÁSTA’s dedicated crew is always at hand, ensuring that each guest is treated to an unparalleled and delightful experience. With the capacity to graciously host 8 guests across 1 king, 2 queen, and 1 twin guest cabins — each equipped with private en-suite bathrooms — SÁSTA promises journeys filled with sheer indulgence.

Set sail and savor the luxury!


  • 4 x Sea Scooter Sublue (Navbow)
  • 2 x Inflatable Kayak (Tahe Breeze Full)
  • 2 x Inflatable SUP (Fanatic)
  • 1 x Wake Board (Jobe)
  • 1 x Pair Waterski’s (Jobe)
  • 2 x Towable Tubes ‘Hot Dog’ (Jobe)
  • 1 x Inflatable Swimming Pool (Jobe)
  • 10 x Snorkeling Kit (Aqualung)
  • 2 x Offshore Fishing Rods (Penn)
  • 2 x Electrical Scooter (Ninebot)


  • 1 x 4,60m Highfield SP460 90 HP Yamaha Vmax Outboard