Samsara Samudra


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Indulge in a maritime odyssey aboard the illustrious Samsara Samudra, a 42m/137’10” luxury motor/sailer yacht. Conceived by the renowned shipyard Haji Awang in 2019, this vessel is the epitome of elegance and tradition, embodying a symbiotic union of modern luxury and authentic Phinisi craftsmanship. With its meticulously designed spaces and comprehensive amenities, Samsara Samudra is your floating haven poised to navigate the exotic waters of Southeast Asia.

Accommodation & Interior

  • Accommodating up to 12 esteemed guests within its 6 sumptuously furnished suites, each room is a sanctuary of comfort. The airy master suite on the upper deck is a cocoon of tranquility, featuring a lavish open-concept bathroom and private balcony, offering an unrivaled panoramic sea view.
  • The inviting interior embodies a refined blend of traditional Indonesian design aesthetics and contemporary elegance, where dark wood complements soothing cream tones, punctuated by hues of deep green, creating an ambiance of warmth and sophistication.
  • The spacious salon, adorned with carved fretwork and a deco-inspired marble bar, is your indoor retreat for relaxation or celebratory toasts.

Onboard Experiences

The elegance extends beyond the cabins. Step into a realm of relaxation with our dedicated spa room, offering a sanctuary of serenity amid the waves. For those keen on maintaining a lively spirit, the onboard toy chest unveils an array of aquatic adventures – from kayaking and paddleboarding to wakeboarding and scuba diving, igniting the thrill of the uncharted waters.

Culinary Journey

Our professional chef onboard curates a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds, serving delectable fares that can be relished in the grandiose dining area or under the starlit sky for a memorable alfresco dining experience.

Elegant Interiors & Outdoor Lounging

The heart of SAMSARA SAMUDRA is its vast salon, adorned with a blend of rich, dark wood, creamy tones, and subtle hints of deep green, exuding a warm, inviting ambiance. This space houses a chic lounge and a marble-topped bar, setting the perfect milieu for socializing. As the sun casts a golden glow, make your way to the spacious forward deck or the vast upper terrace, each spot offering a unique vantage point to revel in the beauty of the cruising grounds.


SAMSARA SAMUDRA is not just about static luxury; it’s a dynamic marvel too. With a full-displacement wood hull and superstructure, she sails smoothly at a cruising speed of 8 knots, ensuring a stable and serene voyage through the azure waters.

Embark on a voyage of luxury and adventure with SAMSARA SAMUDRA, where every horizon is a promise of exquisite experiences and every ripple in the water tells tales of the unfathomable. Your journey of opulence and discovery awaits.