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Embark on a journey of timeless elegance aboard the illustrious yacht “Stalca,” a 24.6m/80’9″ maritime masterpiece crafted by the reputable Visch shipyard. Every curve and contour of Stalca exudes classical charm, showcasing a harmonious marriage of vintage aesthetics and modern comforts, orchestrated under the deft design expertise of the esteemed British designer, Winch Design.

Accommodation and Social Spaces

Stalca graciously accommodates up to 6 guests within three luxurious cabins that beckon serene relaxation under the gentle lull of the sea. The accommodation comprises a lavish master suite, a VIP cabin, and a cozy twin cabin. Moreover, Stalca has provisions for hosting up to 3 crew members to ensure a service of unmatched excellence throughout your luxury yacht charter experience. The communal spaces aboard are envisioned and realized to foster camaraderie and cherished memories. Whether indoor amid the elegant decor or outdoor basking in the Mediterranean sun, every spot on Stalca is an invitation to enjoy the good life.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

Every modern amenity is at your fingertips to ensure a charter of utmost comfort and joy. The yacht is equipped with robust Wi-Fi connectivity, keeping you connected with the world as you sail through serene waters. The climate-controlled interiors ensure a cozy retreat regardless of the weather outside. The sea may be the stage, but Stalca is where the heart finds joy, with a vast collection of entertainment options and water toys including a Jet Ski, a SEABOB, kayaks, paddleboards, and more to turn the calm Mediterranean waves into your playground of adventure.

Performance & Range

The Stalca’s design is a fine example of nautical engineering with an aluminum hull and superstructure that not only promises more space but also stability even while anchored. The full-displacement hull aids in a comfortable cruising speed of 9 knots and can sprint up to 12 knots, covering a vast range of up to 1,300 nautical miles courtesy of her 6,000-litre fuel reservoirs. With a shallow draft of 1.6m/5’3″, the yacht can anchor near picturesque coves and bays, allowing guests to explore secluded retreats. The on-board stabilization system guarantees smooth sailing on the Mediterranean waters.

Toys & Tender

Excitement is never far with Stalca’s extensive range of water toys and a 5.6m/18’4″ Zodiac Tender to whisk you from ship to shore. The crystal clear Mediterranean waters become a canvas of adventure with the array of recreational gear available on board.

Mediterranean Charm

Anchored in the captivating waters of the Mediterranean all year round, Stalca is your gateway to a voyage of discovery, luxury, and unforgettable experiences. Let the Stalca be your vessel of choice to explore the hidden gems, culinary delights, and the rich tapestry of cultures that the Mediterranean has to offer.

With Stalca Yacht, every charter is not just a voyage, but an odyssey of luxury, comfort, and timeless memories awaiting to be made.