Start your cruise in the port of Monaco, from where you will go to Cap Ferrat and spend the day doing water sports.


Day 1

MONACO – CAP FERRAT Start your cruise in the port of Monaco, from where you will go to Cap Ferrat and spend the day doing water sports. Do you want to know how to visit this place?

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Day 2

Calvi, Corsica Calvi is a medieval Genoese town and a popular Corsican resort with an amazing turquoise sea, golden beaches and a cozy atmosphere. Calvi has a vibrant and rich history. This area was settled by the Phoenicians, then by the Greeks and Etruscans, and the Romans laid out the present Lower City with a…

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Day 3

SAINT-FLORENT, CORSICA San Florent is a small resort town in Corsica, located on the rugged northern coast of the island. It is surrounded by hills covered with “maquis” – a dense, fragrant vegetation that blooms in spring. This famous and popular seaside resort is an old Genoese town. The marina is ideal for walking, surrounded…

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Day 3

PORTO AZZURRO, ISOLA D’ELBA The island of Elba is the largest of the Toscana islands and embodies the charm and uniqueness of this land, rich in history, culture and natural beauty. In memory of the presence on the island of the French Emperor Napoleon, who was here in exile, the Napoleonic Museums (Musei napoleonici) are…

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Day 4, 5

PORTO-VECCHIO, CORSICA Porto-Vecchio is a small town in the south-west of Corsica with a population of just over 10 thousand people. It was founded in the middle of the XVI century. as a port with a favorable location-in a closed bay, visible from the hills and rocks. Today, Porto Vecchio continues to be an important…

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Day 5, 6

BONIFACIO, CORSICA Perched atop dramatic white limestone cliffs that plunge down into turquoise waters, this historic town at the southern tip of Corisca has become in recent years a favoured destination of the world’s cognoscenti looking to relax. While its imposing cliffs are supposed to have once harboured Odysseus – and the race of malevolent…

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Day 7

LA MADDALENA, SARDINIA La Maddalena is the largest of the islands forming the archipelago of the same name off the coast of Gallura. The high content of granite and porphyry determined the rugged nature of the island’s shores, which are often difficult to get close to. However, it is precisely in these complex outlines that…

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Day 8

PORTO CERVO, SARDINIA Porto Cervo is often known as “Porto Nuovo” and is the main centre in Costa Smeralda, located in the gulf of the same name in northern Sardinia (Italy). The village itself was designed by the famous Architect, Luigi Vietti, and the entire project was conceived and commissioned by Prince Karim Aga Khan…

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Day 9

Calvi, Corsica In the south of the northern coast of Sardinia, known throughout the world as the Emerald Coast, in the azure sea rises a secluded and wild island-the rock of Tavolara. There are no roads or hotels on it, and the only inhabited part of it is a beach of white sand, the length…

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Day 10

PONZA, ITALY The island of Ponza in Italy is an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Pontic Archipelago. It has long been a favorite vacation spot of the wealthy Romans, and to this day the locals like to spend their leisure time here. Ponza Island is also popular with divers, fans of a…

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Day 11, 12

CAPRI, ITALY Capri is an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea and a popular seaside resort known since Ancient Rome. The area of the island, called the “paradise of idleness” by Emperor Augustus, is about 10 km2. The capital of the island is the city of Capri, a pleasant village with old houses and churches. Maxim…

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Day 13

SORRENTO, ITALY Sorrento is a resort town on the Amalfi coast. The symbol of the city is a lemon. Lemon trees grow in every yard, which makes a pleasant aroma of citrus in the air. Sorrento is also famous for its lemon liqueur. The famous poet Torquato Tasso was born in Sorrento. The central city…

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Day 14

POSITANO, ITALY The picturesque town of Positano is located on the Amalfi Coast, just 60 km from Naples itself. The magnificent resort is located in a scattering of colorful houses at the very foot of the Lattari Mountains, on three small valleys. According to legend, Positano was created by the God of the Seas Poseidon,…

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Day 14

AMALFI, ITALY Amalfi is the heart of the picturesque Amalfi coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The sea is piercing blue and clean, the secluded coves between the rocks, the lemon gardens and olive groves descending in terraces to the water, the whitewashed houses, the climbing streets on the green hills, the ancient churches that…

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Day 15

NAPLES, ITALY On the northern shore of the Gulf of Naples, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in a picturesque location, the most important city in southern Italy and the third largest city in the country – Naples-is comfortably located. It is a significant seaport with shipyards and the center of the developing steel, oil…

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